ALPA’s Submission to the NTSB on Comair 5191 Accident

On August 27, 2006, Comair Flight 5191, a Canadair RJ headed for Atlanta, Ga., crashed on takeoff from Bluegrass Airport, Lexington Ky.

Over more than 7 months, the Comair MEC Accident Investigation Team, ALPA’s Accident Investigation Board, and ALPA staff worked alongside the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the factors involved in the Comair Flight 5191 accident, analyze the data, and develop the factual record.

As part of the NTSB investigation process, ALPA and other parties to the investigation submitted their analyses to the NTSB for consideration in the board’s final report. ALPA does not make any statements of probable cause in its analysis, but the association lists 32 findings relevant to the accident. In addition, the report offers 24 proposed safety recommendations to the NTSB.

ALPA’s findings fall in the areas of:

ALPA’s safety improvement recommendations

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