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May 1, 2007

Capital Cargo Crewmembers Vote for ALPA Representation

ORLANDO, FL – The pilots and flight engineers of Capital Cargo International Airlines today voted to merge their independent union, the Capital Cargo Crewmembers Association (CCCA), with the Air Line Pilots Association, Int'l (ALPA).

With 82.6% of the eligible CCCA members voting, 80 membersor 98.7%voted in favor of the merger.

“I am very pleased with the result of this vote,” said Capt. Christopher “CJ” Johnson, president of CCCA. “I firmly believe that this merger is in the best interest of our pilots and flight engineers and know that with ALPA representation we can achieve our goals in negotiations.”

ALPA’s Executive Board, scheduled to meet this month, is expected to approve the Merger Agreement. The Agreement will then go into effect June 1.

The CCCA Executive Council endorsed the CCCA-ALPA Merger Agreement in February 2007. ALPA’s Executive Council approved it at their meeting last week. ALPA initiated a communications program with the CCCA that included joint visits by CCCA officers and ALPA members at the Capital Cargo Crewmembers hub in Toledo.

The Agreement provides ALPA membership for CCCA members, seamless transition of CCCA representation to the ALPA governance structure, and the provision of necessary negotiations support by ALPA.

The CCCA has represented pilots and flight engineers of Capital Cargo Int’l Airlines since the union’s formation in 1997. Capital Cargo Int’l Airlines is an Air, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance carrier that provides airport to airport transportation services both domestically and internationally.

Founded in 1931, ALPA is the world’s largest pilot union, representing 60,000 pilots at 40 airlines in the United States and Canada. Visit the ALPA website at

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Contacts: Christopher “CJ” Johnson (CCCA) – 360.649.4624,
Andrew Forsythe (CCCA) – 812.552.3655,
John Moore (CCCA) – 407.474.0231,