May 17: Pilots Gather in D.C. for 2007 Transportation Day of Action

As part of ALPA's “Takin’ It Back” campaign, the union's president, Capt. John Prater, is personally inviting the Association's members and their families and friends to participate in the 2007 Transportation Day of Action on May 17 in Washington, D.C. The main event will take place in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol, with ALPA members gatheromg for a pre-rally event at 10 a.m. Many distinguished speakers, including Prater, are lined up for the noon Rally.

Greedy corporations and a heartless administration initiated an all-out assault on transportation workers after 9/11. Managements and anti-worker politicians used bankruptcy, oil prices, the Iraq War, and even the threat of liquidation as anti-union weapons.

This year, however, pilots and other transportation workers are taking their professions back. The airline industry will see a healthy profit, providing unions an opportunity to renegotiate with their managements now—rejuvenating destroyed pensions, shrunken paychecks, trashed work rules, and shattered lives.

“The only way we can stop the ‘race to the bottom’ and take back what is rightfully ours is to work together, with cooperation and mutual support. Whatever harms one pilot harms the entire profession,” Prater says. “Show your mutual support for the entire transportation industry by attending the 2007 Transportation Workers Day of Action on May 17.”

The IAM organized this event, saying that “transportation workers need a government that will work with unions to develop a pro-worker labor policy, protect and promote U.S. jobs, defend pensions and Social Security, and make affordable and quality health care for all Americans a priority. We demand fairness – Enough Is Enough!”

Prater adds, “I’ve asked our new Strategic Preparedness and Strike Committee (SPSC) to help mobilize all ALPA pilots in the United States and Canada to join forces with us, help us build ALPA’s visibility, and become part of the growing movement to revitalize labor rights in North America. I challenge our members today to rise to the challenge and stand up for our profession and, more importantly, for each other. We are union pilots, and we’re takin’ it back.”

Capt. Mike Donatelli, the SPSC Chairman, says, “We need a sea of pilot uniforms at this rally to send a message to Capitol Hill and the nation that pilots stand strong in unity and determination to be treated professionally and fairly as this industry rebounds. We need YOUR boots on the ground in Washington, D.C., on May 17!”

Visit the 2007 Transportation Day of Action website for more information on this event, including transportation and other logistics.