ALPA Expresses Opposition to the US-European Union Tentative Air Transport Agreement

March 7 - After reviewing the U.S.-E.U. tentative air transport agreement reached last Friday, ALPA has serious concerns about the agreement’s potential effect on airline workers in its provisions on ownership of U.S. airlines, on franchising, and on providing foreign airliners with crews to U.S. airlines.

The Association will oppose the agreement until the U.S. Department of Transportation clarifies how the agreement will be implemented.

ALPA president, Capt. John Prater, convened a caucus at the AFL-CIO’s Winter Executive meeting, currently under way in Las Vegas, to present ALPA’s views on the tentative agreement’s potential effect on workers across the airline industry. The group issued a news statement underscoring labor’s collective opposition to the agreement.

If the agreement is approved, ALPA will be vigilant in tracking how the Department of Transportation carries out the agreement and will remain steadfast in its opposition to foreign control of U.S. airlines.