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August 7, 2006

ALPA Pilots Name Reagan National its ‘Airport of the Year’

WASHINGTON. D.C. --- Washington’s Reagan National Airport was recently named the 2006 Airport of the Year by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA). The airport was recognized for its outstanding safety enhancements to protect passengers, crews, and cargo as air traffic continues to climb at Washington National, one of the country’s busiest airports.

“Washington National works with its pilots to develop innovative approaches to the challenges posed by increasing air traffic,” said Capt. Mitchell Serber, ALPA’s Airport and Ground Environment Group Chairman. “Its work will raise the bar for balancing safety with efficiency in airport operations throughout the industry, and its approach stands as a model for all airports.”

Washington National’s aviation safety team has worked with ALPA to ensure that line pilots’ perspectives are considered in all air carrier or policy changes at the airport. Leveraging its strong relationship with its pilots, Washington National has successfully tackled noise-abatement issues, adapted to extra security measures surrounding the presidential inauguration, and updated aircraft taxi procedures around the airport.

ALPA’s Airport and Ground Environment Group selects the “Airport of the Year” from nominations made by the Association’s Regional Safety Chairmen and its Airport Liaison Representatives, who represent pilots’ interests at more than 200 commercial airports across the country. Nominations range from small regional airports with commercial operations to some of the busiest airports in the world, but all nominees share a common commitment to the highest safety standards.

The pilot friendly Airport of the Year Award was presented during ALPA’s Air Safety Forum held in Washington, D.C. Mr. Robert Sullivan, Airport Operations Manager, and Mr. Robert Kizmann, Airport Operations Duty Manager, accepted the award on behalf of Washington National.

ALPA represents 62,000 airline pilots at 40 carriers in the U.S. and Canada. Its website is

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Capt. Mitchell Serber, ALPA Airport and Ground Environment Group Chairman, reads from the 2006 Airport of the Year award before presenting it to Washington National Airport’s Robert Sullivan and Robert Kizman.


Capt. Mitch Serber congratulates Robert Sullivan, Airport Operations Manager at Washington National Airport, on receiving the Airport of the Year award during Air Safety Week.