Defend Your Data

In an effort to reduce the risk of identity theft and credit exploitation, ALPA is encouraging its members to password-protect important files on their portable electronic devices, including laptops, cell phones, and PDAs.

On July 27, a U.S. Department of Transportation laptop stolen in Doral, Fla., had on it the personal records--names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and birthdates--of 80,670 FAA pilot certificate holders residing in the Southeastern U.S.

Thefts of laptop computers, cell phones, and Personal Data Assistants are an increasing problem for pilots traveling through crowded airports and spending nights away from home.

Although your hardware may be insured, your personal information may not be protected. Are your important files secured with password protection?

Almost without exception, your personal electronic communication devices can be easily programmed to protect your valuable information resources. An excellent source for details on IT security can be found at the following link: