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August 22, 2006

ALPA President: “Pilots Won’t Fall For Delta Ploy”

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Capt. Duane E. Woerth, president of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l, issued the following response to today’s announcement of a Delta Air Lines request for proposal (RFP) for bids to provide part of Delta’s express jet service:

“This morning, Delta management issued an RFP to solicit bids for service to operate Delta Connection flights, in connection with its efforts to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While our Association recognizes management’s effort to return the airline to profitability, Delta already possesses a full complement of express-level airlines, including a wholly owned subsidiary, which more than adequately provides Delta Connection service.

“Delta management’s appeal for these bids is a thinly veiled effort to whipsaw employee groups, particularly pilots, against one another, to drive down pay and work rules. We’ve seen mainline airline managements try to use this scheme before in numerous forms. The result is always the same – a brutal race to the bottom for employees.”

“Recognizing that this tactic is specifically aimed at employees whose airlines provide feed for major airlines on a fee-for-departure basis, ALPA pilots flying small jets are coordinating their work in this area to resist unreasonable demands for concessions and standardize their response to management whipsawing that tries to drive rates down.

“Meanwhile, Delta management continues to approach pilots, at both the mainline and the express levels, to finance its own strategic shortcomings. We call on Delta management to turn away from this path and implement innovative, long-term business practices to improve their competitiveness.”

ALPA represents 61,000 airline pilots at 40 airlines in the United States and Canada. Its website is

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