May 17, 2006

ALPA and Unit 2 Reach New Tentative Agreement

ALPA is pleased to announce that a tentative agreement with Unit 2, which represents ALPA’s administrative employees, was reached late in the day on May 17, 2006.

The Unit 2 negotiation committee is unanimously supporting the new TA and recommending that the membership ratify it. The ratification vote will take place after the close of business on May 18, 2006.

Pending the ratification vote, Unit 2 has called off its strike and removed all picket lines. Unit 2 members will be reporting to work as usual on May 18, 2006. All ALPA offices will be open and operating normally.

During the three-day strike by members of Unit 2, all ALPA offices where its members worked were closed, while remaining ALPA personnel continued to support ongoing pilot group negotiations and other core association tasks.

# # #