Release #06.DAL3
March 1, 2006

Delta’s Demands Thwart Agreement

ATLANTA, Ga. -- As of 5:00 p.m. EST on March 1, 2006, Delta Air Lines management continues its intransigence toward any meaningful movement in negotiations with the Delta pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA). 

The resulting failure to reach a settlement leads to the next step in the process, as previously agreed to by both parties. Delta Air Lines’ Section 1113 bankruptcy motion to reject the Delta pilots’ contract will now move to a three-member neutral panel for a possible decision, while ALPA remains available for continued negotiations.

Delta senior executives continue to demand more than $300 million in annual concessions, including an additional 18% pay cut from the pilots, while refusing to fund the Delta employee pension plans and placing the Delta pilots’ pension plan at grave risk. Delta’s demands come on the heels of a $1 billion annual concession package that the Delta pilots previously agreed to, including a 32.5% pay cut.

In late December 2005, in yet another attempt to help save the company, the Delta pilots ratified an agreement (Side Letter of Agreement #50) that provided additional time for negotiations and provided Delta with significant short-term financial relief through interim pay cuts. The agreement also called for Delta management and ALPA to reach a comprehensive agreement by March 1. Since management has failed to meaningfully negotiate with its pilots, the matter will now be referred to a third-party neutral panel. The panel has 45 days to render a decision, but negotiations can continue during this time. ALPA will continue to work toward reaching a negotiated, comprehensive agreement that meets the legitimate financial needs of the company and the long-term goals of the Delta pilots.

The pilots’ Chairman, Captain Lee Moak, said, “Management’s actions support our belief that Delta senior executives continue to use the cover of bankruptcy court to reject the pilot contract entirely--a contract that has provided Delta and its pilots with a productive working relationship for over 60 years. Their single-element strategy seems to be one of ‘bankruptcy profiteering’ based in large part on the sacrifices of the Delta employees. Management’s demands are far beyond Delta’s legitimate need. The Delta pilots have always been willing to help Delta…our company. It is now time for Delta senior executives to recognize the extraordinary contributions of the Delta pilots and begin to negotiate in a meaningful manner--one that charts the course for a new, successful, and profitable Delta.”

Founded in 1931, ALPA represents 62,000 pilots at 39 airlines in the U.S. and Canada. ALPA represents approximately 6,000 active DAL pilots and 500 furloughed DAL pilots. Visit the ALPA website at and the Delta pilots’ website at Delta MEC Chairman Captain Lee Moak’s most recent letter to the Delta pilots can be found under the “Press Room Access” section of this website.

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SOURCE: Air Line Pilots Association
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