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September 1, 2005

Pilots: Boeing 787 Flight Deck Holds Powerful Safety Advancements
Decades-long Partnership Between Pilots, Aircraft Manufacturer and its Suppliers Enhances Aviation Safety

SEATTLE, WA -- The Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight deck “serves as an extraordinary example of collaboration between pilots, the aircraft manufacturer, and its suppliers to design the safest and most efficient aircraft possible,” according to the president of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l., Capt. Duane E. Woerth.

“Boeing involved ALPA’s aviation safety experts from the very start of the design process,” Woerth said. “The Dreamliner flight deck provides pilots with easy access to unprecedented amounts of information and air transportation is safer than ever as a result.”

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight deck, unveiled at a Seattle news conference this week, reflects years of collaboration between Boeing and ALPA’s engineering and air safety experts at the world’s largest pilots union.

“Because pilots were so involved in the design development, the Dreamliner gives them the information they need, exactly how and when they want it,” said ALPA Executive Air Safety Chairman Capt. Terry McVenes. “This flight deck is proof-positive that the earlier the pilots who will fly an aircraft are involved in its design, the greater the opportunity to improve safety, security and efficiency.”

Among the Boeing 787 features that ALPA pilots and safety experts particularly welcome are:

“In addition to pilots, airline operators will also benefit from the Dreamliner’s greater operational flexibility and reduced maintenance costs,” added Woerth. “The new Boeing 787 reflects lessons learned from aircraft design throughout history to everyone’s benefit.”

“Pilots have asked for this type of flight deck innovation for years and, thanks to Boeing, we now have it in the Dreamliner,” concluded McVenes. “We hope that all aircraft manufacturers will recognize the clear benefit of a collaborative approach to aircraft design.”

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