ALPA Reaches Out to Hurricane Survivors
A Message from Capt. Duane Woerth

Dear Fellow Pilots,

Our union has a proud record of responding to crisis. Many of you might remember our relief efforts after both hurricanes Andrew and Hugo. In recent years, our furloughed pilot brothers and sisters have received the support of ALPA-sponsored COBRA funds. Today, a new crisis has captured our attention.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a staggering amount of devastation has been revealed--not only to the structures of New Orleans and countless other towns and cities, but to millions of human lives as well. Sadly, the news is not good. While we and our industry will likely feel the indirect economic impact of Katrina, ALPA’s leadership also realizes that some of our members and their families have been directly affected by the storm.

On behalf of the members and leaders of our union, I am writing to you in an effort to ascertain the impact on ALPA members. If you, or an ALPA member you know, have been directly affected by the storm, please send that information to Provide any contact information that you can. Once we understand the magnitude of our losses, we will coordinate our response with your MECs.

Our union is also in the process of establishing a fund to assist affected members and their families. We hope to have it open in the near future, and we will let you know the details as soon as they are available.

Once the ALPA Disaster Relief Fund is established, you will receive more information on its logistics. I encourage all of you to consider contributing to this charity, to donate blood, and to keep the people of the affected areas in your thoughts.


Captain Duane Woerth, President