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November 15, 2005 

US Airways and America West Pilots Kick-Off Negotiations with Management

Pilots' shared goals are to attain a fair combined contract, move forward as a unified group

PHOENIX -- The Joint Negotiating Committee for the pilots of America West and US Airways began talks today in Phoenix, Ariz., on a Single Agreement with US Airways [NYSE: LCC] management. Both pilots groups are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International.

Each pre-merger pilot group is currently governed under its own collective bargaining agreement. The Single Agreement is one of three steps that must be completed before the US Airways and America West pilots can conduct common operations. Other steps include achieving an integrated seniority list and obtaining a single FAA operating certificate in order to conduct common operations.

The Joint Negotiating Committee consists of two members from each pre-merger pilot group who are elected by their respective Master Executive Councils (MECs), the local governing body of each pilot group. The Committee has been preparing for these contract negotiations for the past several months and has already outlined a process for the initial bargaining sessions with US Airways management.

The three-phase negotiating schedule for the Single Agreement will begin with talks on administrative issues such as pilot vacations and the dispute resolution mechanism. The second phase includes operational issues, such as pilot training and scheduling provisions. Important economic and job security provisions containing compensation, health and welfare benefits, and retirement will be discussed during the third phase.

Captain JR Baker, chairman of the America West MEC, said, “For the past several months, management has touted the synergies this merger will create and rewarded their shareholders and investors. Now it's time for management to do the right thing during these negotiations and reward the employees for their hard work and dedication to this airline.”

Captain Bill Pollock, chairman of the US Airways MEC, said, “The Joint Negotiating Committee has mapped out a direction that will position us to negotiate a contract that will meet both pilot groups’ needs and recognize our participation in the success of the new US Airways. I am also encouraged that this process will create a unified pilot group while meeting our contractual goals.”

Unless all parties involved agree otherwise, US Airways will not be given the right to use the merged seniority list prior to the successful conclusion of the Single Agreement. The initial negotiating schedule runs through early February 2006 and will be expanded as talks progress. 

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