Release #04.AAA5
September 22, 2004 


Negotiations Resume between US Airways Pilots and Management During Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

CHARLOTTE, NC — The US Airways pilots’ governing body, the Master Executive Council (MEC), a unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, has authorized its Negotiating Committee to continue talks on Transformation Plan Negotiations with US Airways management. The following resolution authorized negotiations to continue:

WHEREAS the Negotiating Committee has engaged in negotiations with the Company for several months, and

WHEREAS the environment has changed since the Company entered Chapter 11,  

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the MEC directs the Negotiating Committee to continue in negotiations with the Company in order to reach a Tentative Agreement, and

THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the Negotiating Committee will bring that Tentative Agreement back to the MEC for its consideration and review.

“This resolution, passed unanimously by our governing body, allows our pilot negotiators to proceed unrestricted and provides them with a renewed momentum to reach a Tentative Agreement. Even though an 1113 motion may be filed by the Company during these discussions, our negotiators are prepared to continue talks promptly with the Company to bring closure to a process we initiated in February of this year. We expect a fair resolution to the unfortunate circumstances we face,” said Captain Jack Stephan, spokesman for the US Airways ALPA pilots.

“Both ALPA and the Company are in full agreement on the necessity of returning this airline to profitability. And we are prepared to work day and night to see that happen,” added Captain Stephan.

The MEC will review and consider any tentative agreement that is reached after negotiations resume, but that agreement will then have to be sent to the US Airways pilots for ratification before it becomes effective. Times and locations of the continued talks between ALPA and the Company are still being worked out.

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CONTACT: Jack Stephan
Air Line Pilots Assoc., Int’l.
US Airways Pilots Master Executive Council
(410) 703-9259; (410) 268-3323