Release #04.027
July 7, 2004

Air Canada Jazz Pilots Representatives Ratify Secondary Concessionary Agreements

TORONTO -- The Jazz Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), International’s 1400 Air Canada Jazz pilots have ratified the Concessionary Agreement resulting from the Deutsche Bank/GECAS requirement for an additional $200M in cost reductions at Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz.

"We are announcing that we have unconditionally ratified the agreement reached between the parties on May 15th as part of the ongoing financial and operational restructuring of Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz," said Captain Nick DiCintio, chairman of the Air Canada Jazz pilots’ unit of ALPA. "We are optimistic that all other parties will similarly provide unconditional ratifications by the deadline of July 9th and that the process to emerge from CCAA protection can proceed," he added.

"We have reviewed the Plan of Arrangement that was submitted to the court on June 30th which confirms an expanded role for Air Canada Jazz as a significant operator of small and medium sized jets representing the Air Canada code in North America," commented Captain DiCintio.

The Air Canada Jazz pilots have been working cooperatively with Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz throughout the restructuring with a view to realigning fleet and costs to ensure Air Canada’s continued success in the increasingly competitive North American market. This will ensure the ultimate objective of maximizing shareholder value and economic return for all stakeholders.

ALPA, the world’s oldest and largest union of airline pilots, represents 64,000 pilots at 42 carriers in Canada and the U.S. Air Canada Jazz provides service to over 70 destinations in Canada and the United States, and services more communities in Canada than any other airline. Visit the ALPA website:


ALPA CONTACT: Captain Nick DiCintio 514-961-2572 (English and French)