Statement by Captain Mark Bathurst,
Chairman, United Master Executive Council
Air Line Pilots Association
On Companyís Plan to "Study"
Pension Funding Obligations

July 23, 2004

Unitedís announcement that it will "study" pension payments casts uncertainty into the lives of the thousands of United pilots who already have contributed massively to the stability and reorganization of United Airlines.

Unitedís pilots already have given unprecedented financial relief to help United navigate through bankruptcy. We will not do so again. Extensive cost cutting opportunities exist within the organization, measures that donít require this pilot group to continue to shoulder the lionís share of the pain.

We call on United to take a more constructive and fruitful approach toward meeting the requirements necessary to emerge from bankruptcy as a healthy financial enterprise. That approach should start and end with the Company reducing those remaining non-labor costs, which still remain above market and higher than its peers. We will fight for our pensions every bit as hard as we will fight to ensure that United emerges from bankruptcy as the strongest network carrier in the industry.


Dave Kelly   

Capt. Herb Hunter   

Capt. Steve Derebey