Statement by Captain Mark Bathurst
Chairman, United Chapter Air Line Pilots Association
Regarding the ATSB’s Rejection of United Airlines’
Application for a Loan Guarantee

June 17, 2004  

The Air Transportation Stabilization Board’s rejection of United Airlines’ loan guarantee application is a slap in the face to each United pilot and other employee who worked tirelessly and sacrificed greatly over the past 18 months to secure the company’s financial survival. The commitment and determination demonstrated by this pilot group and other employees since United’s bankruptcy filing in December 2002 has showcased the character that makes United Airlines one of America’s landmark companies. 

Since United was denied a loan guarantee in December 2002, this pilot group laid the groundwork and made possible a radical reorganization plan that has transformed United Airlines into an economically sound enterprise. We’re disappointed that the ATSB – a federal agency formed to help airlines hit hardest by the 9/11 terrorist attacks that led to the loss of two United planes, 18 employees and 89 passengers – failed to live up to the mandate under which it was established. 

The ATSB’s decision, however, will only make this pilot group more determined to ensure United’s emergence from bankruptcy. We remain confident that United Airlines will continue to build on its already strong economic footing and emerge from bankruptcy a powerful force in the world’s transportation industry. 


Dave Kelly   

Capt. Steve Derebey   

Capt. Herb Hunter