Release #04.014
May 4, 2004

ALPA Statement on Report of Increased Security on L.A.-Dulles Flight

WASHINGTON, D.C.---The following statement was issued by the Air Line Pilots Association, International, regarding a story in todayís Washington Times about increased security on a Los Angeles-Washington flight:

The Washington Times accurately quoted an internal communication from local, Washington-based United Airlines union representatives. However, the item was not a "memo" but simply one item in a list of routine news items made available to Washington-based United pilots through a call-in telephone messaging system. Transcripts of such messages also are posted on a secure, members-only Web site. The union dissemination was made after the company announced similar information through its internal employee communications system.

The security notice distributed through the unionís messaging system was only intended for United pilots. Nevertheless, it should not have provided specific flight number data through a medium that might be transmitted to third parties. ALPA did not provide the text of the notice to the Washington Times, does not know who did provide this information, and does not condone such disclosures to third parties. ALPA historically has been a strong advocate of effective and responsible aviation security practices, both before and after 9/11. ALPA will examine its internal communications practices and policies to prevent future occurrences of inappropriate dissemination of flight security information.

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