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News Release

Release # 03.040
May 13, 2003

PSA Pilots Favorably Respond to US Airways’ Aircraft Order

DAYTON, OH – Capt. Steven Toothe, chairman of the PSA pilots’ unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, today released the following statement in response to the US Airways Group’s Canadair jet order announcement:

"The pilots of PSA Airlines are pleased with US Airways’ plans to deploy these new jets at our carrier and look forward to serving our customers with this updated aircraft. Enhancing our fleet with this new equipment will ensure that PSA remains a vital component of US Airways’ operation.

"The pilots of PSA, like their fellow pilots at US Airways’ wholly-owned subsidiaries, Piedmont and Allegheny, have worked hard and contributed significantly to the US Airways Group’s emergence from bankruptcy. We all made sacrifices with the hopes that our parent corporation would survive the challenging times that the airline industry has faced. We are optimistic that these new aircraft will lead us to a brighter tomorrow."

US Airways yesterday announced orders for 60 Canadair 200 Series, 50-seat aircraft, which are scheduled to be delivered to PSA Airlines beginning in October 2003. The last aircraft of this order will be delivered in April 2005.

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