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Release # 03.NWA
April 30, 2003

Northwest Pilots Develop Strategy to Secure Northwest's and Northwest Employees’ Long-Term Success

Brainerd, Minn. --- Northwest Airlines pilots as represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) resolved today to continue working with other employee groups and other stakeholders to help ensure the following:

"We will continue to work with all stakeholders to further quantify NWA’s problems and determine what steps may be necessary to help secure our airline’s and NWA employees' future," NWA Master Executive Council (MEC) Chairman Mark McClain said. "In the upcoming weeks, our MEC will meet with all NWA labor leaders and management to discuss possible solutions."

The MEC also directed the NWA MEC Officers and Negotiating Committee to develop appropriate "quid pro quo" options in return for a potential pilot investment in NWA and to report their efforts no later than the June 2003 MEC Meeting.

"There is no need to rush since NWA’s cash reserves are sufficient for the near term, but our analysis conveys that cost savings will likely be necessary," McClain said. "It is imperative that all stakeholders, management and employee groups share in any solution. This level of participation will help ensure that our airline continues as a successful global air carrier."

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