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Release # 03.UAL
December 31, 2003

Captain Bathurst Begins Term as Chairman of United Pilots Union

ROSEMONT, ILL.---Focused on "the realities of our collective situation and addressing the issues head on," Captain Mark Bathurst on Thursday assumes office as Chairman of the Master Executive Council of United Airline pilots. Captain Bathurst is a 25-year veteran in commercial aviation and long-time volunteer with the United chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA).

Captain Wendy Morse, a 767 pilot, assumes the office of Vice Chairman. First Officer Mike Hamilton, a 737 pilot, is Secretary/Treasurer.

"Last year, we saw decades of hard-fought contractual gains disappear in one fell swoop," said Captain Bathurst, referring to last yearís Restructuring Agreement negotiated between United pilots and bankrupt United Airlines. "As individual pilots, and collectively as a labor force, we stand at a significant crossroad in our industry, our careers and in our profession. My focus will be to work to prevent further contractual erosion and to gain recognition, by management, for this pilot group that has sacrificed so mightily. We will defend our contract, fully prosecute grievances and provide our pilots the representation they so rightly deserve under our collective bargaining agreement."

Captain Bathurstís administration takes office as United Airlines is positioning itself for an exit from bankruptcy. In 2003, United pilots agreed to a minimum 30 percent wage cut; however, many pilots experienced as much as a 60-percent pay cut due to bumping down in aircraft size and hours flown. In addition, pilots have navigated United Airlines through Chapter 11 bankruptcy by agreeing to changes to their retirement plans, agreeing to pay the company for insurance and pass benefits and experiencing the gutting of work rules.

United pilots still face challenges, including unresolved pension issues. ALPA is supporting legislation that would provide companies relief from deficit reduction contribution payments to pensions.

ALPA also is working to return more than 2,100 furloughed United pilots to the property.

"The reality that 2,172 of our brothers and sisters are on furlough must never leave our mindset as we pursue a strategy for our companyís eventual exit from bankruptcy," said Captain Bathurst. "We must never lose sight that itís not just pilots who are affected. Entire families pay the price of lost jobs and incomes. We will do everything in our power to return all of these pilots to our cockpits as soon as possible."

A retired Lt. Colonel from the United States Air Force Reserves, Captain Bathurst has served United pilots in a number of capacities since joining the airline in 1990. He was MEC Secretary/Treasurer, Council 93 (Denver Training Center) Chairman and Council 57 (Los Angeles) Secretary/Treasurer. He sat on ALPAís governing body throughout Unitedís bankruptcy process. He served on an ALPA, International committee charged with improving the financial structure of the union.

A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in political science, Captain Bathurst also has a Masterís Degree in business administration from Southern Illinois University with a major in finance.

Captain Morse has been a United pilot since 1985, and has held numerous volunteer positions with ALPA. She was chairman of the Negotiating Committee that worked on ALPAís Restructuring Agreement during Unitedís Chapter 11 bankruptcy case last year. A commercial aviator since 1983, Captain Morse is a graduate of Memphis State University with a degree in commercial aviation.

First Officer Hamilton has been with United since 1997 and has served his fellow pilots as Vice Chairman of Council 12 (Chicago). He served on the MEC Hotel Committee and the Council 12 Safety Committee. He was a member of the MEC Strike Preparedness Committee. A commercial aviator since 1995, First Officer Hamilton graduated from St. Louis University with a degree in aeronautics.



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