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August 23, 2002

New York Pilot Honored With ALPA Superior Airmanship Award

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Jason Foley, a Continental Express first officer and resident of Sayville, NY, was awarded a Superior Airmanship Award from the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), for helping in the safe landing of his flight after the aircraft received two bird strikes on Oct. 13, 2001. The award was presented on Aug. 22, during the Association’s annual Air Safety Forum held in Washington, D.C. Along with First Officer Foley, the flight’s captain, John Vick, also was honored with a Superior Airmanship Award.

Flight 3354, an ATR-42 turboprop airliner, was flying from Norfolk, VA, to Newark, NJ, when air traffic controllers gave the flight crew instructions to descend to 5,000 feet. As the aircraft leveled off, the crew felt and heard from the right side of the airplane a very large bang that sounded like a car crash but was later determined to be a bird strike. The airplane immediately began to yaw to the right and to pitch downward. While the pilots tried to level it off, the airplane continued its buffeting and the yoke was jerking uncontrollably. After declaring an emergency, the crew told air traffic control that they could maintain control and would make an emergency landing at Newark. From the cockpit, the right engine appeared undamaged and the propellers looked normal, but the outer two feet of the wing appeared to be imploded. While the aircrew was able to safely land the aircraft on the ground, the engines’ thrust reversers were inoperable and the pilots had to depend on the brakes to stop the airplane. After taxiing to the terminal, Captain Vick and First Officer Foley visually examined their aircraft and saw that, in addition to the damage to the outboard leading edge of the right wing made by the first goose, the center wing faring had a basketball-size hole. A second goose had crashed through the skin, ending up inside the wing root.

First Officer Foley has flown for Continental Express for almost two years and is currently based at Newark International Airport. Prior to joining Continental Express, he flew for Mid Island Air Service in New York. He grew up in Sayville, NY, received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. First Officer Foley is married to the former Dana Rich.

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