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Release #02.073d
August 23, 2002

Montreal Pilot Honored With ALPA Superior Airmanship Award

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Dirk Gerhard De Jager, an Air Transat first officer, was awarded a Superior Airmanship Award from the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) for safely landing an aircraft that experienced a massive fuel leak over the Atlantic Ocean on Aug. 24, 2001. The award was presented Aug. 22, during the Association’s annual Air Safety Forum held in Washington, DC.

ALPA honored First Officer De Jager for his exemplary actions in gliding Flight 236, an Airbus 330, to a safe landing. Along with First Officer Jager, Captain Robert Piché of Flight 236 also was honored with a Superior Airmanship Award.

Flight 236 was about two-thirds of the way to Portugal when Capt. Piché noted a lower-than-expected amount of fuel remaining. About 300 miles northeast of Terciera Island, the crew elected to divert to Lajes Airport in the Azores. When the aircraft was approximately 100 miles from Lajes, the right engine flamed out. Ten minutes later, when the flight was at 34,500 feet and 70 miles from the island, the left engine quit. With a minimal amount of hydraulic and electrical power supplied from its ram air turbine, the crew continued to glide toward Terciera Island in a gradual descent. Devoid of engine power for about 18 minutes, the aircraft touched down, blowing 8 of the 12 tires. Despite the tire failures and lack of electrical power, the pilots managed to stop the airplane on the runway.

First Officer De Jager has flown for Air Transat since 1998. Prior to that, he flew for Skyservice in Montreal, and Apollo Aviation Company in Mississippi. He was born in Montreal and is married to Ilse Jessica Prins.

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