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News Release

Release #02.066
July 19, 2002

ALPA Negotiates Letter of Agreement to Recall Furloughed CCAir Pilots

Charlotte, N.C. --- The pilots of CCAir, as represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), have signed a letter of agreement (LOA) with CCAir management.

The LOA provides the carrier with relief from certain furlough recall and notice provisions in the current CCAir pilotsí agreement to allow the company to quickly return several aircraft to service and to speed the return of what is expected to be approximately 20 CCAir pilots on an immediate basis.  The LOA was reached yesterday, and after review, was approved today by ALPA President Duane E. Woerth.

The LOA permits the company to recall currently qualified De Havilland DH-8 pilots, in seniority order, as of August 1, 2002.  In addition, the carrierís more senior pilots, whose operational qualifications may have lapsed, will be pay protected until they can finish the necessary training and return to active duty.

The LOA also provides that not less than 14 furloughed pilots will be recalled.  Presently, 101 pilots are listed as on furlough at CCAir.

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