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News Release

Release #02.065
July 18, 2002

American Eagle Pilots Protest Transfer of Aircraft and Jobs

EULESS, TX--The following statement was released today by Captain Herb Mark, chairman of the American Eagle unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), in response to the announcement by American Eagle management that it will transfer the aircraft and operation of 14 Embraer 145 jets to Trans States Airlines, an American Connection carrier, in November.

"Our collective bargaining agreement requires that if American Eagle transfers all or part of the airline's operation, our pilots and contract will be transferred with the aircraft. Unless American Eagle management plans to comply with these provisions, their announcement amounts to a declaration of war against the Eagle pilots’ contract. Management’s action, apparently taken to satisfy the obligations of American Airlines under its contract with the Allied Pilots Association, belies the assertion of American Airlines and Eagle managements that the carriers are 'separate' entities for purposes of the Railway Labor Act.

"Eagle management continues to blame the American Airlines pilots' union for the restrictions on flying at American Eagle. This provision was freely negotiated between both parties and should not have come as any surprise to AMR management.

"Eagle and ALPA entered into a highly unusual contract that extends for 16 years. This contract was intended to provide the pilots of American Eagle with long-term job security and competitive pay rates. Instead, management has continued to outsource American Eagle flying to the American Connection and continues to pay wages that are up to 20 percent below average pay scales for pilots of express-type carriers. To date, Eagle has been more than willing to accept the benefits of the contract, but is unwilling to provide the job security guaranteed by the agreement. It is time for Eagle to keep its end of the bargain.”

According to Captain Mark, ALPA is evaluating all legal and political options.

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