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Release #02.046
May 31, 2002

ALPA Praises Court Ruling on Pilot Fatigue Rule

WASHINGTON, D.C.---The Air Line Pilots Association issued the following statement in response to a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling today against a suit by airline trade groups to stop the FAA from enforcing a rule that governs pilot work hours:

As intervenors in the case, we are extremely pleased with the courtís ruling in the D.C. circuit. This suit was a blatant attempt by the airlines to block the FAA from enforcing its interpretation of its own rules that govern pilot work hours. The court saw no merit to the suit and dismissed it.

We now call on the FAA for immediate resumption of enforcement of the rule in accordance with its own interpretation. We also call on airlines to immediately begin scheduling pilots under the FAA interpretation, rather than their own.

Although this represents a significant victory against the effects of fatigue in the cockpit, the FAA still has not moved forward on an even more important matter. For over six years now, revisions to the basic flight and duty time limits for pilots have been bottled up at FAA due to airline opposition. With the airlinesí suit now cleared from the deck, it is time for FAA to move forward with an update of these regulations.

ALPA represents 66,000 airline pilots at 43 airlines in the U.S. and Canada. Itís Web site,, has a link to other documents on the issue of pilot fatigue.

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