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Management must negotiate in good faith and abide by agreements, say unions

Fort Worth, Texas (May 15, 2002)—Four unions representing pilots and flight attendants for American Airlines and American Eagle conducted a unity march this morning during the AMR Annual Shareholders Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas (NYSE: AMR). On hand were hundreds of employees from various AMR subsidiary companies.

Taking part in the unity march:

In all, the unions participating in the march represent a total of 40,400 AMR employees.

"We are asking management to abide by the contracts they negotiate with us," said Captain Jim Higgins, Chairman of the American Eagle ALPA Master Executive Council. "Otherwise, we are forced to ask ourselves ‘when is a deal a deal?’"

"We’re out here today to show support for one another," said Captain John Darrah, APA President. "It’s time for all of the unions at AMR to work together, rather than permit management to drive a wedge between us, as they have attempted to do in the past."

"We are concerned about our collective futures," said John Ward, President of the APFA. "Management’s approach to labor relations threatens our companies’ well being and places us all in jeopardy."

"Management must make a commitment to negotiate in good faith with all of the unions on the property," said Patricia Hoefener, American Eagle MEC President of the AFA. "That commitment is essential to the establishment of a healthy labor-management relationship."

The unions indicated that additional demonstrations of unity would take place in the coming months.

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