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Release # 02.027
April 10, 2002

CCAir Pilots Reject Management Proposed Contract

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The pilot leadership of CCAir, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), today announced that its members have voted down a management-proposed contract that would have slashed wages and significantly curtailed existing work rules. Management presented the concessionary proposal to the CCAir pilot leadership on March 15, 2002, the same day that it circulated a WARN Act letter to all CCAir employees declaring that the company would close its operation on July 1, 2002.

The chairman of the ALPA CCAir Master Executive Council (MEC), Capt. Warren Childers, stated, "The CCAir pilots have met with management on numerous occasions to discuss our company’s financial position and how we might help. We’ve offered numerous options for temporary wage concessions, saving the company significant sums of money, because we know that our security and that of our families is tied to the future of our airline.

"It doesn’t surprise me that our pilots voted this offer down. Management’s latest proposal includes five years of substandard wages and work rules coupled with numerous concessions that would have provided additional benefits to our company. There are no provisions that would return us to the terms of our current agreement if the company were to rebound from its losses. Most importantly, the proposed contract would not guarantee against the further shrinkage of CCAir and offers no real job security, which is the only reason we would consider making a deal at this time."

Three years ago, the Phoenix-based Mesa Air Group purchased CCAir and since that time, the parent company has drastically reduced CCAir’s operations and markets. CCAir pilots continue to work under an agreement that does not become amendable until November 6, 2002.

MEC Vice Chairman Brian Billups added, "CCAir pilots continue to be willing to work with our management to address the financial situation so long as temporary contract relief, if any, is related to realistic need, and so long as contract protections — including job security — are included in any agreement." stand ready to meet with management at any time to discuss terms for temporary contract relief that are mutually agreed to and provide a clear demonstration of how they will make the company soluble."

CCAIR, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Mesa Air Group and operates as an independent airline providing service as US Airways Express.

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