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Release #01.90
September 6, 2001

ALPA Pledges $3 Million to America West Airlines Pilots

PHOENIX — America West pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International, received $3 million from the union’s Major Contingency Fund (MCF) and the full support of their fellow ALPA members as they enter the 19th month of contract negotiations with America West Airlines management.

Currently, contract negotiations between the pilots and the airline are being conducted under the direction of a federally appointed mediator.

"This grant is just another example of the outstanding support we have received from all of ALPA," said Captain Roger Cox, chairman of the America West ALPA unit. "Having the financial support and solidarity of 66,000 ALPA members behind us will be crucial as we begin to negotiate the critical economic issues of compensation, retirement and scheduling."

The 1,800 pilots of the nation’s eighth-largest carrier have been negotiating with America West management since February 2000. America West pilots earn as much as 74 percent less than pilots flying the same aircraft for other major U.S. airlines.

"It is time for America West management to continue investing in the future of our airline by recognizing the sacrifices pilots made in our current contract to help our company emerge from bankruptcy," Cox said.

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