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Release #01.97
September 17, 2001

ALPA’s United Airlines Unit Establishes Fund for Slain Pilots

CHICAGO---The United Airlines unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) has established a fund to provide support for the families of the four United pilots slain in the terrorist attacks last week.

The funds solicited for the United Pilots 911 Fund are purely voluntary and will be distributed exclusively and entirely among the surviving immediate families of these four pilots. In the interest of providing expedient assistance to the families, donations to the United Pilots 911 Fund must be received no later than October 11, 2001, after which the Fund will be disbursed equally among the four immediate families of these fallen pilots. All donations received after October 11 will be returned to the donor. The United Pilots 911 Fund is not a qualified charitable trust, and therefore contributions are not tax deductible.

The four slain United pilots are:

Captain Victor J. Saracini, Flight 175

First Officer Michael R. Horrocks, Flight 175

Captain Jason M. Dahl, Flight 93

First Officer Leroy W. Homer, Flight 93

"The loss of four separate commercial aircraft in a single day without survivors is a tragedy beyond anything the aviation world has ever experienced or contemplated. As professional airline pilots, we all know that our families hope and pray they will get through their life times without having to confront the horrible news that met these four families on this terrible day. All of us share in the profound grief and mourning of these brave airmen of United Airlines," said Capt. Rick Dubinsky, chairman of the United pilots Master Executive Council.

Contributions should be made payable to "United Pilots 911 Fund" and sent no later than Oct. 11 to:

United Pilots 911 Fund
75 Remittance Drive, Suite 3140
Chicago, IL 60675-3140

Contributions also may be made by wire transfer to Northern Trust Bank, Chicago, IL, ABA# 071000152, account name "United Pilots 911 Fund", account # 1952838.

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