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Release #01.91
September 10, 2001

Alitalia Pilots Join SkyTeam Pilots Alliance

ACAPULCO, MEXICO --- At a meeting concluded this weekend, the Alitalia pilots, represented by the Associazione Nazionale Piloti Aviazione Commerciale (ANPAC), joined the SkyTeam Pilots Alliance (SPA). The SPA is comprised of pilot groups whose airlines belong to the SkyTeam Alliance, including AeroMexico, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air Lines and Air France. Alitalia joined the SkyTeam Alliance in July.

ANPAC representatives signed the SPA compact at the groupís biannual meeting. The compact calls for member unions to ensure that the highest levels of safety are maintained; promote the interests of the SPAís pilot members; work for a fair and equitable distribution of flying opportunities; and establish a communications network to facilitate the exchange of information.

"We are pleased to have the ANPAC pilots join our ranks as we continue to ensure our mutual interests are protected," said AeroMexico Capt. Fernando Riquelme, SPA Chairman. "The mutual assistance we provide to our member pilots, particularly during lawful labor disputes, helps prevent our respective managements from pitting pilot group against pilot group."

During the two-day meeting, SPA representatives also elected Korean pilot Capt. Sung-Jae Lee to serve as Chairman for a one-year term. Capt. Teppo Tyrmi of Air France was elected SPA Vice Chairman and Steve Chung of Korean Air was elected Secretary.

Additionally, the Delta pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), presented the Korean pilotsí union, the Korean Air Lines Flight Crew Union (KAL FCU), with a grant of $10,000 to assist its members in their current legal struggles. The Korean government has incarcerated four members of the KAL FCU, including Capt. Lee, and Korean Air management has terminated eight members of the unionís governing body. The SPA members voiced their outrage at the reprehensible actions of Korean Air Lines and the Korean government in their obvious attempt to bust the pilot union at Korean Air.

The SPA members also signed Mutual Assistance Agreements for the Air France and AeroMexico pilots. These agreements call for all of the pilot unions to provide support and assistance to the pilots of those two carriers as they enter the collective bargaining process to negotiate new pilot contracts.

"Just as our airline managements work together, the pilots must also cooperate for our mutual benefit in todayís competitive environment," said Capt. Riquelme.

Pilot leaders from El Al Airlines also attended the SPA meeting as associated members. The SPA is scheduled to meet again in April 2002 in Stavanger, Norway.


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