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August 16, 2001

St. Louis Pilot Honored With ALPA Safety Volunteer Award

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Patrick Foreman, a Trans World Airlines (TWA) first officer and resident of St. Louis, MO, was awarded a Superior Airmanship Award from the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) for demonstrating superb aviation judgment and professionalism while safely landing an aircraft that experienced electrical failure. The award was presented on Aug. 15, 2001 at the Association’s annual Air Safety Forum.

ALPA also honored the flight’s captain, Burke Edwards, with a Superior Airmanship Award.

While cruising at 33,000 feet, numerous electrical problems began plaguing the McDonnell Douglas Series 80: the primary directional and navigation screens in front of both pilots in the cockpit lost power, the left generator shut down prematurely, and the circuit breaker could not be reset. Additionally, there were several failures in cockpit instrumentation, including the autopilot, altimeter, engine gauges, navigational displays, automatic pressurization indication, and emergency lighting.

Control of the aircraft also was negatively affected with the loss of electric horizontal trim. Foreman took control of flying the plane while Capt. Edwards made several attempts to restore electrical power. The only power restoration occurred when the flight crew reset the left generator breaker and physically held it in place. However, the pilots still to manually lower the landing gear and flaps, as well as to trim the aircraft for descent and landing. An emergency landing was made and the aircraft was successfully evacuated without injuries.

Foreman has flown for TWA for almost three years. He also worked for several commuter airlines, including Eastern Express and Aloha Island Air. Foreman’s aviation career began with Corporate Flight Management in Tennessee. He received his bachelor’s of science degree in aerospace from Middle Tennessee University in Murfreesboro, TN. He is married to the former Anne Sparkman, and they have two children, Lucy (22 months) and Brooke (3 months).

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