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Release #01.51
May 24, 2001

ALPA Board Resolves Continued Support for Comair Pilots

WASHINGTON, D.C.---The Air Line Pilots Association’s executive board yesterday passed a resolution of "unwavering support" for Comair pilots, who have been on strike for nearly two months.

"We applaud the Comair pilots for their courage and determination in this struggle. There has been an outpouring of support from individual pilots, other units of ALPA, and from other unions, to help the Comair pilots persevere in their effort to achieve a contract that fairly reflects what they have contributed to the enormous financial success of Comair," said Capt. Duane Woerth, president of ALPA, in announcing the board’s action.

The resolution, which passed unanimously, cited the facts that the management of Delta/Delta Connection has been unwilling to negotiate in good faith, that the Comair pilots voted down two offers by 99 and 91 percent margins, and that "most ALPA pilot groups will be irreparably harmed if the Comair pilots do not prevail." The resolution concluded with "the May 2001 Executive Board commit their unwavering support to the Comair strike initiative."

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