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Release #01.35

April 28, 2001

Comair Pilots Respond to Announcement of Layoffs,
Urge Management to Restore Focus on Contract Negotiations

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The union representing Comair pilots today responded to the airline's announcement that it will lay off approximately 2,000 non-striking employees, effective May 13.

"We're disappointed that -- in the 32nd day of our strike, and while we are actively engaged with management representatives at the bargaining table -- management would make an announcement today that focuses more on how not to operate this airline, than on how to operate this airline," said Captain J.C. Lawson, chairman of the Comair pilots' unit of the Air Line Pilots Association.

"We are committed to the bargaining process, which we firmly believe can yield a fair and equitable contract agreement that acknowledges the value that we bring to our company," he said.

"We are under no illusion that Comair pilots are anything other than real airline pilots, and we expect to be treated and valued accordingly. Our contract proposals are consistent with the work we perform and the responsibility that we bear, they would meet the needs of the Comair pilots and their families, and they would still allow this airline to enjoy profit margins that would be the envy of the industry," Lawson said.

"We urge management to commit to restoring our operations, beginning with a contract that acknowledges our worth."

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