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Release #01.132
December 21, 2001

Air Canada Regional Pilots Ratify New Contract; Successful Merger of Seniority Lists

Toronto, ON – Pilots at Air Canada Regional Airline, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International, reached two major milestones this week:  announcing the completion of a seniority list merger arbitration and the collective memberships’ ratification of a new contract.

Air Canada Regional was formed as a result corollary of the merger of Air Ontario, Air Nova and AirBC, the three formerly separate regional carriers owned by Air Canada, with Canadian Regional Airlines, Canadian Airlines’ regional affiliate. On Monday, after a week of intensive meetings, mediator George Adams released his decision setting out the terms by which the pilots’ seniority lists are to be merged. Today, following the endorsement of the pilot leadership, ALPA announced that an overwhelming majority of pilots at each property who cast ballots voted in favor of the new contract. With the announcement of the arbitrator’s decision regarding the integration of the seniority lists and the pilots’ ratification of a new collective agreement today, Air Canada Regional can move forward and wholly integrate all operations.

The new contract includes an innovative pay system based on years of service and captaincy status, rather than the traditional pay formula based primarily on aircraft type. Furthermore, significant improvements were made in retirement and job security issues.

Captain Steve Linthwaite, chairman of the ALPA governing body established to preside over the four carriers, stated, "Despite the difficult economic climate that has hit the airline industry – particularly hard in Canada – we were able to reach an agreement that meets the needs our of our pilots across the country. Bringing together over 1500 pilots under one seniority list and one contract is a monumental task; add to that the tumultuous events that have jolted the world these past few months, and at times it seemed nearly impossible. We are pleased with the results of the collective bargaining process and look forward to the full integration of Air Canada Regional."

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