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December 20,2001

Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines Pilots Comment on Merger

Honolulu, HI – Pilots at Hawaiian and Aloha Airlines responded to the merger of the carriers after the announcement of the transaction by the Hawaiian Board of Directors, with optimism and realism as they prepare to work together to facilitate the integration of Hawaii’s largest airlines.

According to the terms of the deal, the transaction will include Hawaiian Airlines, Aloha Airlines, and the Aloha subsidiary, Aloha Island Air, which will remain independent operationally. Union leaders at the carriers, which are all represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, International, announced today that they are in the process of assessing the most viable options for merging the respective seniority lists at Hawaiian and Aloha as the operational integration proceeds.

John Tindall, chairman of the Hawaiian Airlines unit of ALPA, stated, "We recognize that this merger is necessary for the viability of each of our airlines and the Hawaiian economy; therefore, we are taking a proactive approach to the integration and amalgamation of operations and our pilots by working together to protect our members across the board. Granted, merging seniority lists generates very personal emotions; however, we believe that by sharing information and talking out each other’s interests, we can achieve the fairest outcome for all involved."

Captain Conrad Waggener, chairman of the Aloha Airlines unit of ALPA, noted the importance of moving forward, stating, "By hitting the ground running with regard to the Aloha’s pilots certainly want to see the smoothest merger and integration of seniority lists possible. We hope to expedite the process and make the consolidated airline successful from the start. Pilots from all three airlines have been furloughed as a result of the stagnated economy and the lack of travelers since September 11. Our mutual objective is to mitigate future furloughs as well as bring all our pilots currently on furlough back as soon as possible."

Union leaders will meet this week in Honolulu, at which time they will plan future meetings and initiate an information sharing campaign for the pilots.

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