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November 1,  2001
Release: 01.119

Sun Country Airlines ALPA Pilots Approve Contract Extension

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN – Sun Country Airlines’ pilots ratified the one-year agreement reached with management last month that will augment the current contract, which became amendable on August 31, 2000. The contract extension is a mutually beneficial and proactive move on the part of the pilots and management that will provide the company with the time needed to stabilize operationally and financially following the events of September 11th.

The contract extensions not only provides a platform on which the company can rebuild and regain economic stability, it offers the pilots immediate improvements in many no cost and low cost items, greater job security and pay equality, and the added benefits of a short-term contract.

As both the company and the pilots look forward to improving economic conditions, this contract extension will allow the company to continue with its fleet and routes expansion plans. Specifically, Sun Country’ plans to enhance its position in the industry over the next year by growing its fleet of next-generation 737 aircraft. This move will not only significantly improve comfort and service for passengers, it will provide economic relief in terms of operational costs and efficiency.

With these building blocks in place and secure for the next year, Sun Country pilots expect to negotiate significant improvements to their pay and retirement package.

David Banmiller, President and CEO of Sun Country Airlines, said the new contract represents the interests of both parties and allows the company to move ahead. "I want to again congratulate and thank the leadership of our pilots for moving quickly on ratifying this contract and helping to move this company forward in a positive direction."

Captain George A. Barbes, Jr., Chairman of Sun Country’s ALPA pilots, added, "Sun Country’s pilots recognized our responsibility to lead by example and our ratification shows that the pilots are committed to helping our company survive and ultimately thrive. We look forward to the good times that lie ahead when the pilots can share in the success of our airline."

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