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Release #01.107
October 5, 2001

ALPA, ACPA, and FAPA Present Recommendations to Transport Canada to Improve Aviation Security, Report Progress

OTTAWA—Capts. Kent Hardisty, executive vice-president of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA), Don Johnson, president of the Air Canada Pilots Association (ACPA), and Stuart Jarrette, president of the First Air Pilots Association (FAPA) issued the following statement regarding their unions’ meeting this week with senior officials from Transport Canada to discuss means to bolster national aviation security:

"On Wednesday, October 3rd, security representatives from ALPA, ACPA, and FAPA — labour unions whose collective membership exceeds 70,000 pilots in Canada and the U.S. — met with senior officials from Transport Canada’s Security Directorate in Ottawa to discuss the vital issue of aviation security in our nation. ALPA initiated the call for this extremely important meeting, which was enthusiastically supported and endorsed by ACPA and FAPA.

"At the meeting, ALPA, ACPA, and FAPA presented Transport Canada with a list of recommendations to improve aviation security in the sky and on the ground, which was developed in consultation, and in co-ordination among the security experts at our three pilot unions. Included among the myriad of recommendations are: providing "one level of security" at all Canadian airports that service airline- and commuter-category aircraft; ensuring the cockpit is a protected "fortress" within the aircraft, in part by thoroughly securing the cockpit doors; and promoting mandatory screening of all airline passengers and workers who have access to restricted areas of airports.

"Our representatives also outlined their concerns regarding the lack of communication and co-ordination of activity and actions between Canada’s pilot unions and Transport Canada following the tragic events on September 11th. As a result of this discussion, we are pleased to report that Transport Canada has confirmed its intention to improve communication and co-ordination with ALPA, ACPA, and FAPA in the future, with respect to the development of new and improved aviation security regulations.

"And, on behalf of our pilot members, we are honored to accept Transport Canada’s invitation to work together with our three unions to establish security priorities based on the group’s recommendations. The leadership and security experts at ALPA, ACPA, and FAPA look forward to this spirit of cooperation with Transport Canada continuing and strengthening, so rapid progress can be achieved on this vital issue for all of Canada."

ALPA, the oldest and largest airline pilots union in North America, represents 66,000 pilots at 47 carriers in Canada and the U.S. Visit the ALPA Web site at http://cf.alpa.org. ACPA is Canada’s largest pilots association, representing the 3,600 pilots flying for Air Canada. FAPA represents the 200 pilots flying for First Air, and its Web site address is http://www.fapa.ca.

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