Release #: JBU 23.02
September 13, 2023

JetBlue Pilots Elect Union Officers to Lead During Merger Process

LOS ANGELES—On Tuesday, September 12, the voting members of the JetBlue Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA) elected new union leadership for the more than 5,000 JetBlue pilots as JetBlue Airways continues the acquisition and merger process with Spirit Airlines. Capt. Justin Houck, Capt. Keith McClanahan, and Capt. Cody Stroope were elected MEC chair, MEC vice chair, and MEC secretary-treasurer, respectively. They will serve two-year terms beginning November 1, 2023.

Capt. Justin Houck

Capt. Houck was elected MEC chair. Based in Los Angeles, Capt. Houck currently serves as the MEC secretary-treasurer and has been the Local Executive Council (LEC) 199 secretary-treasurer. He was also an original member of the System Scheduling Committee. Before joining JetBlue in 2005, he was a pilot at Atlantic Southeast Airlines.

Capt. Keith McClanahan

Capt. McClanahan was elected MEC vice chair. Based in New York, Capt. McClanahan currently serves as the LEC 191 chair and captain representative, is a member of the Jumpseat Committee, and is a pilot mentor. Capt. McClanahan was hired by JetBlue in 2007 and was previously at Comair.

Capt. Cody Stroope

Capt. Stroope was elected MEC secretary-treasurer. Based in Boston, Capt. Stroope has previously served as LEC 197 vice chair. Prior to joining JetBlue in 2015, he served as MEC secretary-treasurer and LEC chair at ExpressJet Airlines.

“Volunteerism is the cornerstone of our union, and this election is an indication of our strength and unity,” said Capt. Chris Kenney, current JetBlue MEC chair, who did not seek reelection. “Not only do I congratulate the incoming officers, but I would also like to thank those pilots who stood for office and offered to serve their fellow pilots, and our outgoing officers who spent countless hours for the past two years working for all JetBlue pilots.”

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