August 29, 2019

Leadership Training Conference Prepares New ALPA Reps

ALPA's newest leaders are ready to serve you.

Twenty recently elected local council and MEC officers from 10 pilot groups are better prepared to perform their duties thanks to this week's ALPA Leadership Training Conference. The two-day seminar held at the Association's new office facilities in McLean, Va., provided new union reps an opportunity to learn more about their responsibilities in representing pilots, overseeing negotiations, and conducting the business of the union. They also learned about the host of resources they can access to better support their members.

"In your ALPA role, you are problem solvers. Over these two days, we will give you some really easy 'hacks' or 'techniques' to help solve those problems quickly and effectively," said Capt. Sean Creed (Spirit), ALPA executive vice president and Leadership Committee member, who co-moderated the training session with ALPA vice president-administration/secretary Capt. Bill Couette. Creed explained that the Association typically offers the conference in February to align with the onset of the union's regular terms of office, which begin March 1. However, ALPA offers supplementary training, based on demand, to assist pilot officers elected outside the regular election cycle as well as those from new ALPA pilot groups.

This week's presentations included talks from ALPA first vice president Capt. Bob Fox, who gave an overview of international issues confronting the union and spoke about the ALPA Air Safety Organization; Couette, who explained the basic responsibilities of serving as both a local council and a master executive council member, and ways to conducting a more constructive meeting; vice president?finance/treasurer Capt. Joseph Genovese, who outlined union funding practices in a segment called "Your Dues Dollars at Work"; and ALPA Canada president Capt. Tim Perry, who discussed representing members from ALPA's 14 Canadian pilot groups. Conference attendees also had the chance to meet with ALPA General Manager David Krieger and professional staff from nearly all of ALPA's 10 departments.

The ALPA Leadership Committee, which sponsors the conference, is a component of the Association's Professional Development Group, established to help airline pilots make the most of their careers.

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