Release #: 18.05
February 21, 2018

ALPA President Outlines Key Safety Priorities to Top Aviation Influencers

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a speech today before the Aero Club of Washington, Capt. Tim Canoll, president of the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), highlighted key initiatives that will help to protect the unparalleled aviation safety record in the United States since 2010.

Capt. Canoll outlined several safety issues that ALPA, the largest nongovernmental aviation safety organization in the world, is working to advance. He also emphasized ongoing efforts to push back against attempts to weaken pilot training and qualification regulations that have helped to keep flying safe.

“The current system allows credit hours for different levels of training and flight-hour experience. This system is working to keep our industry safe. And we’re not willing to gamble with our passengers’ safety to run some policy experiment pulled from a white paper or a PowerPoint presentation. Airline pilots fly the planes. We protect our passengers. And we train for life to keep the public safe and our industry strong.”

In addition, as Congress continues debates on the reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Capt. Canoll told attendees that ALPA would continue to highlight areas for improvement in the transporting of lithium batteries by air, as well as work to eliminate the risk from “undeclared” dangerous goods that, because they are improperly labeled or packaged, could also cause uncontrollable fires on board aircraft.

For more on ALPA’s priorities for the upcoming FAA reauthorization, visit and view the Aero Club speech in its entirety.

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