Release #: WEN 17.01
December 06, 2017

Encore Pilots Elect Temporary Union Leaders

OTTAWA, Ont.—The Encore pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), elected their temporary union officers at the pilot group’s first meeting held this week in Ottawa.

The representatives elected First Officer Ryan Petrie as Master Executive Council  (MEC) chairman, Capt. Robert Bergeron as MEC vice chairman, and Capt. Ted Hebert as MEC secretary-treasurer. The officers immediately begin their temporary terms.

“The pilots who have stepped up to serve as leaders of this union understand the responsibility we have to help create a better future for Encore pilots,” said F/O Petrie. “Encore pilots have made it clear that they wanted ALPA, a legally recognized trade union, representing us as we begin working with Encore management to negotiate and deliver out first collective agreement,” he added.

The following is a brief bio on each of the MEC officers:

First Officer Ryan Petrie, Chairman
First Officer Petrie began flying with Encore more than a year ago. He was one of the original members of the Encore Organizing Committee and is currently based in Calgary, flying the Q400. Prior to Encore, Petrie flew medevac flights for Can-West in Alberta for two years and Twin Otters in Yellowknife. He calls Calgary home.

Capt. Robert Bergeron, Vice Chairman
Capt. Bergeron has flown the Q400 since 2015. Prior to Encore, Bergeron flew Twin Otters at Kenn Borek Air. His 15-year aviation experience includes flying seaplanes and international work. Bergeron is originally from Winnipeg and is currently based in Calgary.

Capt. Ted Hebert, Secretary-Treasurer
Capt. Hebert is approaching two years at Encore and flies the Q400 out of Toronto. Previously, Hebert worked at Calm Air for six years and Perimeter Aviation for five years.

The MEC’s next steps will be to build their membership and union structure, and prepare for contract negotiations under the Canada Labour Code.

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