Release #: FFT 17.10
November 21, 2017

Frontier Pilots Rebuke Owner for Calling Customers “Spoiled Brats”

“Bill Franke is currently the managing partner of Indigo Partners, the equity firm that holds a controlling interest in Frontier Airlines. In an interview at this week’s Dubai Air Show, he commented that US airline passengers are ‘spoiled brats.’ 

“Frontier pilots respect the hardworking families who fly our airline, and we do not share our controlling shareholder’s views.  We take great pride in the safe transport of our passengers, and treat Frontier customers with dignity and respect. Despite our company’s reputation as an industry low-fare leader, we believe that Frontier passengers are entitled to the kind of treatment that every other airline passenger should receive from their airline—professional, safe, comfortable, on-time and respectful service. 

“We urge Mr. Franke to realize that the passengers who buy Frontier tickets deserve more respect and consideration, and the employees who safely transport those passengers deserve to be treated like their professional peers. A company that is one of the most profitable in the industry and is ready to spend nearly $50 billion on new airplanes can invest similarly in its employees and its customers’ needs. Without that, it’s unlikely Frontier will have the customers to fill airplanes, or the pilots to fly them.”

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