Canada Pilot Health Rehabilitation Training (PHRT)

Course Content

The training sessions places special emphasis on pilot health and rehabilitation in recognizing and dealing with substance abuse and addiction issues. This session covers the nature of chemical dependency, its consequences, and relapse prevention.

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to the program
  • Peer helping process
  • People problems
  • Community resources and referral
  • Normative life crisis
  • The human journey
  • Peer helping in a crisis
  • Chemical dependency

Skills upon completion

  • Knowledge of Pilot Assistance resources available to ALPA members
  • Ability to interact with fellow pilots who may be facing personal or professional difficulties with chemical dependency
  • Ability to effectively serve as a Pilot Assistance team member


The attendee’s MEC budget is responsible for all pilot expenses: travel, lodging, meals, and flight pay loss (FPL), if required.