FTDT Part 117 Seminar
Fatigue Management: The Evolution of Part 117
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
November 2–3, 2016


Fatigue Management—The next evolution in mitigating fatigue and enhancing pilot alertness

What is fatigue management? How does it relate to our fatigue risk management plan?

  • Introduction to new guidance (ICAO/IATA/IFALPA)

Safety Management Systems (SMS) Primer

  • Identifying and mitigating fatigue as a safety risk

Fatigue Safety Action Group (FSAG)

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Building an FSAG
  • Setting common goals and objectives
  • Using an FSAG to identify fatigue risks
    • Lessons learned
    • Best practices

Data Collection

  • Best practices
  • Common missteps

FAR 117 Update

  • Latest interpretations
  • Extensions—shared experiences
  • Fatigue calls/extension non-acceptance—shared experiences
  • Fatigue risk management plan experiences