Become a Sponsor or Exhibitor

ALPA is looking for industry leading organizations that may be interested in providing technical and educational exhibits for display as well as key organizations that may be interested in providing full or shared sponsorships of a number of conference breaks, breakfasts, lunches, evening receptions, and much more. We want your sponsorship to meet your company goals, if customization of a sponsorship is needed please call and we can discuss options.

ALPA’s Air Safety Forum is your way to reach hundreds of safety, security, and jumpseat pilot advocates as well as airline management, corporate security representatives, industry stakeholders and government leaders.  ALPA encourages attendees to visit the exhibits often. We have always considered our exhibitors to be an integral part of our program.  Past sponsors and exhibitors include Boeing, Airbus, Telex, Bose, and VisionSafe.

Please join us this year!

About the Air Safety Forum

The ALPA Air Safety Forum is a four day event covering a wealth of topics but broken in three major disciplines:

  1. Aviation Safety: The goal of the Air Safety Forum is to bring together safety advocates, which include airline pilots, airline management, government, and industry representatives to discuss and bring attention to current and hot topics in aviation today.
  2. Aviation Security: The Aviation Security Forum offers an in-depth look at security issues affecting our industry including terrorism, the stability of the international political picture and the need for a trust-based security system.
  3. Jumpseat: Jumpseat representatives from all reaches of the airline industry gather to improve relationships and discuss jumpseat related issues to help assist individual airlines’ problems & solutions and help to shape better jumpseat agreements.

Participant Organization Breakdown

(from the 2017 Air Safety Forum)