Update on Employer-Provided Health-Care Benefit Excise Tax Repeal

By ALPA Staff

After several delays in implementation, ALPA Calls to Action, and pilots’ lobbying on Capitol Hill over the past decade, the excise tax on employer-provided health-care benefits was finally repealed in December 2019. Without the repeal, more than 160 million Americans would have experienced an escalating tax on their health-care benefits, less-robust health insurance plans, or a combination of both.

For some perspective on how long the Association had been battling for this important change, approximately 10,000 current ALPA members weren’t old enough to hold an ATP when this issue first surfaced. ALPA led the early opposition and worked collaboratively with other unions in opposing this misguided policy. The repeal effort exemplifies the glacial pace at which progress is made in Washington, D.C. Influencing legislation requires perseverance, teamwork, strong coalitions, and time. ALPA’s proud win on this issue serves as a model of how the Association will continue to lead and succeed in Washington.

This article was originally published in the June 2020 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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