Not Just Today, but Every Day

ALPA MECs Remember

By United ALPA Master Executive Council

The profound and lasting impact 9/11 had, and continues to have, on United Airlines cannot be overstated. We lost brothers and sisters that day. Many of us had personal relationships with the pilots and crewmembers who were killed, and nothing prepares you for what we had to experience. We collectively choose not to let their memories fade but instead use every 9/11 anniversary as a reminder to Never Forget.

As pilots, we were on the front lines as our nation stood in shock. During our darkest time, our pilots and flight attendants displayed courage and bravery by returning to the skies to restore faith and confidence in our nation’s air transportation system. In the wake of the attacks, United Airlines pilots acted as leaders to help increase safety and security measures.

Read more 9/11 memories from ALPA pilots and join us for our 20th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony, in person or webcast.

United pilots were significantly impacted by the substantial drop in air travel demand following the attacks, resulting in 2,172 pilots being furloughed. In 2002, the airline filed for bankruptcy, and the dismantling of the pilot contract ensued. Throughout the next decade and another round of furloughs, our pilots remained focused on rebuilding. After a merger with Continental Airlines, our 2012 pilot agreement was the first step toward securing a brighter future. We have steadily built on that foundation, and all United pilots should be proud of what we have accomplished coming out of the lost decade.

To Victor Saracini, Jason Dahl, LeRoy Homer, Michael Horrocks, and all crewmembers lost, we miss you. To the loved ones of passengers, crewmembers, first responders, and all the innocent victims killed and wounded on that horrific day, our thoughts are always with you and will remain with you—not just today, but every day.

Never Forget.

Originally published September 2021

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