The Landing: Trained for Life

"Thanks to professional pilots, the safest place on Earth will always be in the air.” This phrase, part of ALPA’s recent “Trained for Life” branding campaign, is redefining the public’s view of aviation safety through the lens of highly skilled and well-trained airline pilots. The campaign recaptures the wonder of flight through breathtaking images that can be seen only from the air and reconnects passengers with those in command of their aircraft. It also demonstrates the difference between having a window seat and one at the front of a commercial jet.

This campaign focuses on the success of ALPA, pilots, and safety—which has resulted in zero fatal passenger airline accidents since 2009. While flying has become a routine way of traveling, the public and decision-makers alike should remember that pilots are trained for safety, they are trained for the unexpected, they are trained for life.

From social media engagement to learn how to read a sky like an airline pilot and a Twitter hashtag promotion to #thankapilot, ALPA’s branding campaign will educate and inform the current administration, transportation-focused policymakers, and the public on why they should support ALPA in all matters of aviation safety.

The campaign—radio, print, digital, and social media, all pointing to the Trained for Life education page—will run for 12 weeks, ending just after the busy 2017 holiday travel season in order to reach audience saturation. Included here is a sampling of the artwork created to promote the airline piloting profession. 

DIGITAL to run in Politico, The Hill, and social media

VIDEO to run in PoliticoThe Hill, and social media.

RADIO to run on WTOP

AIRPORT ADVERTISING to run at Washington National Airport

PRINT to run in Politico, The Hill, Roll Call, and The Washington Post 

This article was originally published in the November 2017 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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