4 Myths You Thought Were True about ALPA-PAC

ALPA’s Political Action Committee (ALPA-PAC) is the Association’s political access tool in Washington, D.C., and across the country. It’s funded by members’ voluntary contributions and serves as a critical complement to ALPA’s lobbying efforts, greatly helping to advance pilot-partisan issues on Capitol Hill.

To better familiarize members with this ALPA asset, let’s debunk a few myths surrounding ALPA-PAC.

Myth 1: ALPA-PAC Only Contributes to Democrats

Fact: In fact, ALPA-PAC is the most bipartisan labor PAC in the country. We call it being pilot partisan. The PAC counts conservative Republicans, liberal Democrats, and moderates of all stripes among its greatest allies. If you’re for pilots, ALPA-PAC is for you.

Myth 2: My Dues Money Automatically Goes to ALPA-PAC, So I Don’t Need to Give More

Fact: ALPA-PAC is funded 100 percent by voluntary contributions from ALPA members living in the United States—your dues dollars don’t support the PAC or its work in any way. Keep in mind that by having a well-funded PAC, ALPA is able to back candidates who support our pilot-partisan agenda.

Myth 3: ALPA-PAC Buys Votes

Fact: ALPA-PAC doesn’t buy votes—there is absolutely no quid pro quo agreement. What ALPA-PAC gets us, however, is access—an ear. It’s a key to open the door. Building relationships with decision-makers and educating Members of Congress through the PAC is invaluable to ALPA’s success in advocating for airline pilots.

Myth 4: ALPA-PAC Only Supports Current Members of Congress

Fact: ALPA-PAC also helps elect pro-pilot candidates to office. Earning ALPA-PAC’s support as a candidate is a rigorous process that requires a demonstrated commitment to pilots and the support of local pilots. But when it works, there’s a true ALPA champion inside Congress and someone we know we can rely on for support.

This article was originally published in the June 2019 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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