Air Safety Organization Update

Twenty-two new and veteran Professional Standards (ProStan) volunteers attend a one-day training course to help build the skills necessary for ProStan work.

ASO Trains Safety Reps on Risk Management and Safety Leadership

In mid-November, pilots from around the United States and Canada assembled at ALPA’s Conference Center in Herndon, Va., to take part in the Association’s Risk Management Course and Safety Leadership School, taught by ALPA Air Safety Organization (ASO) representatives and supported by Engineering & Air Safety Department staff.

Sixteen ALPA pilots from six pilot groups took part in the Risk Management Course, which addresses such topics as how to identify hazards and quantify risk and the principles of ASAP and FOQA. A highlight of the course was a panel discussion featuring ASAP subject-matter experts from Delta Air Lines, the Delta Master Executive Council (MEC) Central Air Safety Committee (CASC), and the FAA that covered best practices and overcoming challenges within a program.

Twelve of the pilots stayed in Herndon to participate in the ASO’s Safety Leadership School, which prepares experienced safety representatives to take on leadership positions within the ASO Aviation Safety structure and their MEC CASC. The school provides pilots with the tools to successfully address various situations or scenarios they may encounter with company management and government representatives.

Professional Standards Reps Hit the Books in Herndon

In early November, F/O Jason Graves (JetBlue), his pilot group’s Master Executive Council (MEC) Professional Standards (ProStan) training coordinator, and Capt. Rick Swanson (United), the Association’s Professional Standards training coordinator, led a course for 22 new and veteran ProStan volunteers from Compass, Envoy Air, JetBlue, Sun Country, and United at ALPA’s Herndon, Va., Conference Center. The one-day training helps volunteers build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential to effective Professional Standards work.

The training was well received by attendees, including F/O Casey Henderson (Compass), who commented, “The Professional Standards training seminar is essential—volunteers from all different airlines and all different walks of life will benefit greatly from the information.”

The Professional Standards group serves ALPA members by promoting high ethical standards found in ALPA’s Code of Ethics. The group strives to model ethical professional conduct, provide effective mentoring, and assist other pilots through peer mediation.

Experienced ProStan leaders are available to conduct training upon request. Interested MEC leaders should contact Capt. Tom Letson (Delta), ALPA’ Air Safety Organization Professional Standards chairman, at

ALPA Reps Participate in Quarterly FFDO Meeting

Representatives from ALPA’s Aviation Security structure, accompanied by Engineering & Air Safety Department staff, participated in the recent quarterly Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) stakeholder meeting at the Federal Air Marshal Service’s (FAMS) Chicago, Ill, field office. ALPA is one of numerous organizations that make up the FFDO stakeholder group, which meets regularly with the Transportation Security Administration’s Office of Law Enforcement–FAMS leadership team that oversees the program. The meetings facilitate enhanced communications between the FAMS program office and the officers in the field in order to maintain a well-informed and situationally aware all-volunteer FFDO force.

Led by Capt. Jim Krauss (United, Ret.), the Aviation Programs Branch manager, the meeting included program updates, quarterly and FY17 year-end program statistics, quarterly awards, and an introduction to program initiatives either already in progress or on the horizon. ALPA salutes Krauss and his entire team for focusing on the issues that matter and continuing to help make this vital program a success.

This article was originally published in the December 2017 issue of Air Line Pilot.

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